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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another 'Half-Life' for Nuclear Power?- NIMBY

The ONLY reason NOT to go nuclear is the radio-active, spent fuel.

This stuff's slow decay is measured in Half-life periods of thousands of years.

If we're clamping down on household garbage and talking 'reduce' as being more important than 'recycle', then until something similar is done re: the re-use of the toxic waste, I cannot imagine anyone supporting nuclear as a viable power-generating option in this 'sustainable-development' era.

~Super-hot~ incineration is where to spend your time and energy - I recall a ?Guelph? Ontario company was working on it, but went bankrupt or got bought by US firm

Sudbury Star Editorial, Dec 14 05


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This election makes me sick.These guys are blatant sell outs.Where are these ideas and plans when we need them? These plans and ideas only appear when they are needed to grab votes.Even good old Jack, has sold out on this one, going for the union vote. Give me a break! Hope you will be a guiding light , Rob, and not a sell out!

9:43 am  

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