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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Desperate Househusbands -The Coalition of the Willing-to-do-anything-to-stay-in-Power

Lovely ... Mr Martin suggests he's the Union cardholder's best choice & Buzz Hargrove agrees.

It seems the overwhelming influence of Union block-votes at NDP conventions and their mandatory financial contributions to the NDparty from Joe & Jane Canuck's unionized pay packet just ain't getting the bang that it used to get from the politicos of the national party.

That darn permanent Elections Canada money is making dear ol' Jack Layton too darn independent. He thinks it's HIS party (not the Unions')

Buzz needed to slap ol' Jack back to his senses and back into his place in the pecking order - nice work, Buzz-er-ino! You got the PM at your rally- DURING an election!!

hmnpf ... Paulie will take any friend(s) he can get.

Don't worry Buzz & Jack'll work out their differences over Christmas and all three Amigo's wll be singing the "accord or coalition" song.

Just remember, Mr Rt Hon majority stakeholder in the coalition-of-the-willing-to-do-anything-to-stay-in-power, Mr Pearson & Mr Trudeau got into BIG fiscal trouble in the 60-70's when they agreed to implement the syndicalists programs and yet dared not charge the taxpayers the full cost.

Whaddya think started the "deficit spending"? Guess whose deficit(s) turned into the Debt when those very same "revered" leaders kept borrowing the budget's operating shortfall for oh, ... 15 years?

It took nine years of BMW ( Brian Maz & Wison) to soften up the public so that fin.ca minister Martin could cut transfers and let too high UI/EI & PIT revenues run into surplus.

We don't need or want these "Desperate HouseHusbands" running the show!


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