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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Loose Fish", "Children's Hour" and the Democratic Deficit

Sir John A called MP's with unpredictable voting inclinations "Loose Fish" - he couldn't gather them with one big net, he had to collect them one by one.

The Democratic Deficit is a term used to describe the lack of power in the hands of 'regular' MP's and Commons/Senate committees - all the decisions are made in the PMO and the MP's are 'whipped' into rubberstamping those foregone conclusions.

Similarly C.D. Howe described Question Period as "The Children's Hour", a time he had to endure while putting his plans into place.

Have you watched the modern-day "Children's Hour" on CPAC? Do you have a hard time enduring it too?

It's excrutiatingly silly - toadies from all parties READING prepared texts, ranting, railing, hooting and hollering, all on cue from the "director".

Think of this. At election time, the Registered Political Parties are like Labour Unions sending out their reps to sign-up as many folks as possible in a "certification" campaign.

It doesn't matter WHY the poor fool signs-up, or WHAT half-truth was told to convince him/her to sign-up, getting the right percentage of 'fools' to sign-up is all that matters to the rep and to the Labour Union. With the right percentage of 'fools', the rep gets to be little boss and the Union gets to be big boss - with no investment of capital.

In my view we need more free thinking "Loose Fish" and fewer "Union Reps" in the Commons, but we won't get that until the stranglehold of indebtedness to coat-tail riding is released by the Party.

Our what-suits-the-Party-damn-the-Assembly, Party system is the Problem.

Your Vote IS the solution.

We don't need proportional representation or multiple candidate sellection ballots, we need Parliamentarians who can think for themselves.

Vote for a candidate who has a free Vote on EVERY issue.

Don't expect new and improved Results from the same old Actions.


Blogger eddhuron3746 said...

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4:17 am  
Anonymous Randy Kubik, Toronto said...

I agree that what you are suggesting is a good thing, but will never happen within any of the traditional Political Parties... It would only be possible if individual ridings were savy enough to elect good Independent Candidates or by having some future elected MP’S leave their party to sit as Independent MP's. Enough Independent Candidates could themselves form an "Independent Candidates Party" so they can play by and benefit by all the existing rules, etc.

These Independent MP’s (and Independent Party formed by an alliance of Independents) primary pledge and allegiance would be to represent the “will of their constituents” by using some sort of secure riding polling technology to assist them in their “free thinking” and voting behavior in the House.

This "riding polling technology" could be the repsonsibility of the Independent Party to operate for the benefit of their members.

This prospect may be something on the horizon if there is another minority government elected.

I am Randy Kubik of Toronto and can be reached at rjkbls@yahoo.ca

I don’t have my own blog, at least not yet.

2:33 pm  

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