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Monday, September 25, 2006

An Independent Alberta, A Separate Quebec & The Autonomous City of Toronto

How should we live?

Bickering over criss-cross gov't transfers of honest-earned money from taxation, resource revenue?

Scratching and clawing to acquire full jurisdictions over delivery of 'vote-getting' and 'society-influencing' social-welfare programs?

Where will all the jockeying for position end?

I'm sick of all the blather, from and amongst the politicos, the pundits, the experts, the special-interests and the M-F, 9-4 bureaucracts/ assistant/ deputy/ associate/ etc Ministers of every department.

I offer a reference point.

The map below shows the 1867 Canada of Confederation (watershed boundaries really) and gives us an indication of the scope that was under consideration by the Fathers of Confed when they deemed "local and private matters" be best administered provincially.

An then the 1882 version, shows one example of how the great Northwest was subdivided (for land registration purposes primarily) as the population moved in.

NB the whole series is marvellously informative

For heaven's sake Canada - wake up, the blatantly UNequal provinces are the problem!!

I've just read an interview with a very reasonable man, Leon Craig on a very unreasonable topic - an independent Alberta.

What are his complaints and reasons?
-He hates the waste of a social-welfare big-programs gov't
-He hates the waste of a big-party-machine gov't.
-He thinks central Canada controls all the power by way of the rep-by-pop system of seat allocation.
-He thinks local government is best and he thinks that the government that governs least is best.
-He doesn't like the equalization/ transfer system (he's from a 'have province')
-He thinks the general gov't is too big and that individual vigilance too lax (an all-encompassing multi-headed beast IS hard to watch)
-He thinks the general gov't too far away & scrutiny too difficult
-He thinks that Clarity Act provides a 'way out"
-He acknowledges that "once out" Alberta could cut a better deal
-He thinks 'once out' BC & Sask might join them
-He sees economics & trade as North-South not East West
-He thinks they have the money to pull it off, but figures few now-prosperous Albertans will want to 'rock the boat"
-He wants the Alberta Accord (pension, police, taxes) at a minimum

What does he REALLY want? (don't we all?)
(ed. here's his original piece "Let's Get while the Getting's Good")

Good Government ie government that governs for the good of the governed
Bad Government ie Government that takes care of the GOVERNORS.

Let's face it - Governing is not rocket science, it's simply making choices that "some people won't like (today)"

What Mr Craig, and so many of us forget ... the Government in Canada, both Fed & Prov, are but agents, trustees, stewards of the Crown's assets and treasury.

THE Executive Council/Cabinet in your province & the Cabinet(usurpers of the Privy Council) in Ottawa DOES NOT OWN the country.

The complaints Mr Craig has about party-dominated agendas, rests on this point.

If a Party controls the assembly ... and they get to form an Executive Council/Privy Council ...with a majority of the lads and lass in the Commons behind them .... their exercise of Power is unstoppable ( esp. in today's, we cannot be bothered to read the actual terms of the Constitution, hurly-burly life).

This much unchecked power was never the intention of Confederation!

THE PARTY SYSTEM is what's destroyed your assemblies!
-undermined your Commons,
-your sober-second thought Chamber,
-taken over your "double-checking" Treasury Board,
-scuttled the independence of the Privy Council, thus denuding the GovGeneral of independent counsellors
and taken over the Civil Service generally by removing the Office of Comptroller General (vetted Fiscal/Budget items BEFORE approval/implementation).

Canadians, declare yourself SOVEREIGN over Canada!

(Don't worry if the Constitution says otherwise, the Big Boys aren't following the BNA Act either)

DECLARE that the Office of the Monarch of Canada, MEANS the CITIZENS of Canada.

DECLARE that the Oaths of Loyalty to the Monarch are in full effect, but DECLARE a DEEMED DISPOSITION (RevCan does it all the time) of the Assets (and Sovereignty) of that Royal Office to the collective possession of the taxpaying, resident, Citizens of this wonderfully goofy country. ( That's my way of saying 'it works in practice, but not in theory')

Citizens of Canada, the future IS yours, the Country IS yours, the opportunity to create a truly world-leading democracy IS yours ... it will be available for implementation at the time of the next election!.

If that's what you want ... it's YOUR hand, your back, your voice, your money, your vote and your thinking that require change.

They say that Insanity is defined by expecting "different" results from the "same old" actions and thoughts.

Start acting as Citizen-shareholders and stop acting like victim-Subjects-sharecroppers.


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