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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Protestant School Funding!

Same idea but Mr Horvath actually made the paper

Secular Humanism and public schooling
National PostPublished: Monday, September 24, 2007
Re: All Education Is Faith-Based, letter, Sept. 21, and Don't Fear Secularism, letter, Sept. 22.

Zoltan Horvath, Langley, B.C.

Dear Editors, Hon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Once upon a time public schools in Ontario were Protestant Schools - the population was protestant and expected religious instruction as part of the curriculum. Providing 'free' public education in Ontario automatically meant funding protestant schools and (honouring the evolutionary provisions of the Quebec Act 1774, The Act of Union 1840 and Confederation's BNA Act 1867) extending that public funding to the religious minority of our province and vice versa in Quebec.

In more modern & sophisticated times the religious programs were eliminated in Ontario and the religion of the Humanist's god of the nanny state subsumed the God of the Christian Church's role in inspiring the administration of elementary and secondary schools (in addition to providing the guiding principles for social welfare, hospitals, universities and 'intellectual' thought too).

In Quebec schools, the language aspect edged out religion (the old assumption that English=Protestant and French=Catholic, being replaced by French=us & English=not us) in 1998, when Quebec bi-laterally opted out of the original 1774/1840/1867 provisions for (previously-reciprocal) minority vs majority, religious schools. This Constitutional opting out ( new section 93A) officially and finally switched the 'schools game' in Quebec from a religion-based spat to a language-based tussle.

So now, Quebec has a language-based school funding debate and in Ontario the current flap is about minority, religion-based schools in an otherwise secular Humanist government universe - who'd a thunk?

Dear Ol' Premier McGuinty is following the what am I gonna do to stay in office footsteps of dear Ol' Premier-of-the-Day Wm Davis, who pushed this policy envelope down a slippery slope in his own calculated move to shore up re-election support by extending Catholic School funding to High School (previously funded until Grade 8).

Today, in my view, for parents, who are not enamoured with the mores, morals (or lack) and official-thought taught/ subliminally-introduced in the Humanist's god of the nanny state (aka Public) school system, to want to opt out and educate their children in an environment that teaches and reinforces their family beliefs is not silly, or selfish or wrong - it's just not the law yet (and implementation will be tricky).

If the Ballot Question being framed is "Who's best able to solve the funding of minority religious schools?", then I suggest an alternate question "What about Protestant school funding?"If the minority segment of the Christian-based faith has its own education system furnished from public resources, the majority segment of the Christian-based faith should have that right restored (now that schools of the nanny-state teach the religion of secular Humanism instead of Protestantism -the original, tacit understanding).

Once all the per-capita demands for Protestant-based schools are restored from public funds, then any faith-based school should be funded on the same formula.

Why should any Ontarian be forced, via property and income taxes, to support a religious-based (secular Humanist) school system that teaches/professes/infuses a philosophy and morality that the taxpayer considers inferior and wrong?


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