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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Letter to S Harper - Failure despite no competition

Dear Mr {Rt Hon} Harper (Int.),

Thank you for the opportunity to reinforce our collective decision to NOT wholly endorse you, your cobbled-together, mish-mash of a Reform-not-Tory party or your methods of leading/managing the drone MP's of that party.

AND thank you for the opportunity to confirm to one and all, our conscious will to NOT pass to you the no-checks&no-balances power that is entrusted to a PM in today's (not-at-all-according to the written constitution) Cdn system of governance.

In a political environment betwixt and between 1993 & 1997 [opposition (still) in disarray, Blocheads (still) a stumblingblock, Unionists still talking like it was the Robber Baron era] you fared much worse than treacherously, under-rated Jean Chretien.

He knew he had no opposition, he knew Canadians weren't paying close attention, he knew how to play with the levers of power (without being obvious), he had an agenda to fulfill (albeit personal, private and puisne) and he closed the sale every time ... you frittered this opportunity away.

So either you hold the Cdn public in high regard and don't want to take advantage of them while they're sleeping (Chretien had no bones about doing this), or you DON'T want to be Majority PM at this time (pending conditions too onerous) or you don't know how to BE a majority PM (ie how to inspire people to see you as one).

It must be that you do not want to be elected to the next level of power AT THIS TIME.

Oddly this incompatibility of private will vs public statement applies equally well to the ambulance-chasing, $1.2million annual electoral-subsidy-gathering Ms E. May (and by the by, when did she give up her American citizenship?).

This must be the case because both of you could have 'made it happen' if you really wanted to do so (her by less-daunting riding selection, you by demonstrating a little genuine enthusiasm and perhaps with a little more vote-buying - yes, that Is the way it's done).

Stevie, you may be smart, but ... you're a technician.

If you really are the 'smartest guy in the room', then perhaps you're too smart for the job that Canadians need filled. We've just declared (again and in the absence of any viable alternatives) that we don't want you . We don't want you 'just the way you are' and we don't like you when you try to 'fake it'.

Announce your retirement for 12 months hence. Go back to that navel-gazing think-tank that studies "Having our Provincial Cake and Eating it too - or Else"

Go finish writing that book on "Great moments in hockey Accounting" (or whatever it was supposed to be about) and let all the parties re-load their leadership teams and try again.

Thanks for the (sterile) memories
thanks for being unable to deliver the seats to enact your 'my province first' agenda.


By the way, I hear that since you've failed, a small disgruntled group is starting an "Athabaska wants In (or else)" campaign (the people of Ft McMurray are sick-and-tired of funding you southern b_st_rds social programs, and wants the power to control THEIR OWN resources)

Robert Ede


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Minority Gov't
I like the fact the Block has taken Quebec out of the equation.
I like the fact that the Green Party provides flakes and non confomist a "parking spot".
I believe that "union" mentality types need a party to allow them to think someone does care and is looking out for them.
I believe that the Liberal Party will bancrupt itself (why would they be capable of running their own finances any better than they can run a country's), and infighting will be a selfdistucting distraction, and this election will help speed it all along.(Remember the Leafs - "Matts is our leader......really")
I also believe that the Canadian Western Provinces deserve a shot at governance of the country.
I also enjoy having a prime minister that can actually clearly comunicate in one of our official languages.
I like the fact that the curent prime minister does not have a bag full of golf balls to distract me with and is incapable of being anything but what he is.
All Canadians deserve a break from big brother government, a minority government can only accomplish the very minimum, very necessary, and very reasonable and they do it very quietly. Put it to bed.

Doug James.

10:37 pm  

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