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Monday, December 01, 2008

Chess not Checkers - Harper's phony Suicide (Cosh)

Just read Colby Cosh in Nat Post Colby Cosh: Harper's suicide scenario

If these lefties coalesce into one party forever then it IS a good thing. But ... (notwithstanding the benefits to Parliament of re-incorporating Quebec into the national elections) this coalition-of-opportunity nonsense cannot be permitted to take place.

Particularly now. Remember the world-wide monetary & banking integrity crisis? (actually it was refreshing to have something else/anything else as the #1 news story)

The price for Canada and for Parliament will be too great... the time wasted in the immediate disarray of transition, then the organizing, the infighting & back-biting, then the re-organizing and ultimately the failing is beyond any benefits in curbing the present day excesses of the PMO/PCO.

Yes -it's already doomed without a Strong and/or Ruthless leader like Chretien to run it - not that I want that to happen, but none of the front-runners have demostrating the gumption.

After that there'll be more wasted time while we hold an election of a majority-out-of-desperation.

Yes, as Colby Cosh says, Mr Harper could call their bluff, let them try to 'JoeClark' it for a few months and then win a landslide comeback as did our libertine friend in 1980.

But no, Mr Harper the price for YOUR majority-in-2-steps is ALSO too great. Parliament is too important to just let it fail to enable yourself an opportunity to pick it up again.

Mr Harper, act like a Canadian - back down.

Act like a Prime Minister in time of crisis -do what's best for the country.

Act like no other recent leader (except maybe Mr Dithers when he was out-flanked, 'way over his head and simply buying time - see it works!) - Go on TV explain everything that led up to this goofy foul-up ... admit what you goofed-up and why you now know you were wrong ....outline all the options open to Parliament and the GovGen and Canada ... call them Plan A, Plan B, Plan C etc ... and then solicit opinions.

Let the talk shows hash it out.

Soon we'll have a consensus unfold and you can invite a few Lib & NDP'ers into YOUR coalition cabinet of All the Talents - IMHO you should make that your Plan A.--


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