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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Budget needs FREE VOTE - we need transparent display of support or NOT. And an Election if necessary

a) Free Vote required on this Upside-Down, Inside-Out, Backwards to platform/policy/tradition Budget

I've just heard CFRB's coverage of the first 1/2 of Iggy's "shrewd response" to not do anything necessarily but to be ready to do everything (if necessary) and his brilliant in the backroom, stupid in the light of day, mumbo-jumbo further reinforces my feeling that:

-since we are enjoying a minority gov't, we will have an election sooner than the 4yrs specified in Harper's 2007 Election Act changes;

-since Harper has recently reversed his long-held positions contained in the 2008 Economic Statement and his views on running Deficits, Senate Appointments, accountability to the House (the unprecedented prorogation stunt) and now "conservative" budgeting;
Harper converts after near-death experience Marilla Stephenson

-since this is a Budget written to appease the Opposition and includes measures contrary to traditional Reform/Alliance/CPC thought and every platform this Party has ever run on, notwithstanding the monetary/consumer meltdown that besets the world, it might as well be considered an "anti-Harper" Budget written BY the opposition;

-the NDP & Bloc should be supporting this wild spending .... but they say they won't, because there's not enough spending;

-the Liberals should support it and are supporting it (as long as Harper does what he says he'll do) because this is what they'd do (following New Deal '30's, Chretien 1993 and Pelozi-Obama 2007-8);

-the Conservatives SHOULD BE voting against it on principle ..... but they'll be hamstrung by Party Discipline ... irrespective of how far this ridiculous Budget varies from what they ran on so few months ago; "So much for fiscal restraint"-Greg Weston

The voting pattern, the reasons for support/non-support ....everything about this Budget is backwards!

As such, Canadians cannot anticipate what any representative or party will do, nor be able to hold them to account for why they did what.

To re-right the backwardness and upside-downedness, to create transparency .... we need a free vote.

Let the chips fall were they fall ...worst case see (b) we have an election and see (c) that might be no worse for job-creation that the silly Budget.

b) Without pre-judging the results of any such Free Vote, I also think we need an Election.

It'll be cheaper and wiser than doing the wrong thing or doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

I think we need to clear the air on who is crafting policy, why and for what benefit.
" Stimulus Plan: Good Politics, Bad Economics" - American but applicable

Policy should suit long-term objectives and present immediate prudent solutions to short-term 'emergency' conditions.

I don't want a Budget ghost-written by the Anti-Harper Coalition, but presented by Harper so he can hang onto power.

I think Harper has demonstrated terrible judgement, management, tactics and I have no idea what his strategy is ... beyond self-preservation.

The opposition Leaders are even less capable, but just as guilty of counter-to traditional platform behaviour ... let them run on their own ideas and let the people decide on the $85-100 billion poison they'll have to live with.

I think spending $350million on an election (about 1.2% of the proposed 1yr $30 billion deficit and equiv to about 3 months interest on that amount.... delaying implementation 3 months actually will pay for it)

c) Supporting Policy Job-Creation Project

Make the Election a make-work project - any unemployed or underemployed Canadian citizen who works on election for ANY candidate (ie NOT Party) will be paid $15/hr NO TAX, NO Deductions, payable on a weekly basis (use EI-type of forms/format to apply/submit) within 2 weeks of the day worked, by Electoral Finance/Elections Canada

What a workforce EVERY candidate would have!

Man THAT would be an election!


A mish-mash of proposals - not all sensible Tom Walkom
check the videoclip "Budget could have been written by NDP"

Economic crisis could boost Public Service -MORE GVT Workers -Kathryn May


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