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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Total" Dollar Cost of Medicare

To: letters@thestar.canwest.com
Re:Dollar cost of Medicare
By Nadeem Esmail, Special to The Windsor StarSeptember 14, 2009
Dear Nadeem & Editors,

The detailed breakdown in Nadeem Esmail's article yesterday overlooks the obvious about our "Free to the User" Medical Funding System.

The article cites "more than $115 billion of our tax dollars were spent on publicly funded health care in Canada in 2007-08" but neglects to point out that the total of all ConFederal Personal Income Tax is just about the same amount ($113.063 Billion see page 11 in the Annual Financial Report).

In other words EVERY dollar in personal income tax goes to Healthcare funding. -- the government doesn't pay... we do!

Devise a system where individuals pay healthcare premiums based on the healthcare risks their own lifestyle creates and (theoretically) we could eliminate Confederal Income taxes.

The (also too obvious) primary benefit would be that most people would stop smoking/drinking/ fooling around with ___________, out of personal-budgetary self-interest.


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