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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Hung" Parliament's All-Political Leader should consult re: Recommendation of New Gov Gen

"Hung" Parliament's All-Political Leader should consult re: Recommendation of New Govenor General

Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 9:00 AM
To: globe &mail letters
Cc: Rt Hon Stephen Harper , Governor General , Privy Council Office info@pco-bcp.gc.ca

Dear Editors,

Your Apr 8/10 editorial on consultation by the PM before he makes a recommendation to Canada's Sovereign regarding our future Governor General is truly wise.

Notwithstanding my opinion on your use of the phrase "his exercise of royal prerogative powers", I agree that our Minority-PM's next recommendation is vitally important.

The Office of Governor General, our country's Chief Executive Officer (& Commander in Chief of Canada since 1947) should be held by someone who is the embodiment of the soul & spirit of Canada, the essence of the ideals and potential of our 'Dominion' and more than anything else be a person truly worthy to be entrusted with the mandate to exercise the constitutionally-entrenched, un-appealable, Legislative veto (as well as the Disallowance & Reservation powers BNA 1867 ss55-57 +90) possessed by the Vice-Regal representative of the Monarch-of-Canada.

Without appropriate consultation, the PM's recommendation will only be a reflection of the short-term, political aspirations of a "Hung" Parliament's, Leader-of-the-Largest-Bunch-of-Yes-Persons within the lowest element of our constitutional hierarchy of Legislative & Executive powers.

I rejoice that you have abandoned your paper's Consult with the Members of the Order of Canada campaign and hope you'll consider championing one of these two alternatives:

1) Consult with the whole 'sworn to loyalty for life' Privy Council -- all of them, going back to it's 'Dean' The Hon Paul Hellyer. Surely there is no greater pool of institutional memory and at least a modicum of wisdom-beyond-next-election to be found within this not-oft gathered assembly of Stewards of the Crown's Assets and Treasury.

2) Consult with Canadians - elect the Governor General. Let us vote, at-Large, every-other General Election, with a single-transferable ballot (until a 3/5ths-2/3rds threshold is met) and have the Term of Office commence 365 days after the Return of the Writs (phase-in period).

I trust you'll consider this carefully.



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