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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Solution to Funding Co$t of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill


Please examine this 7 step process to solve & cash-finance the Mexican-Gulf deepwater drilling spill within the next 10 days.

-apparently BP shares are down tremendously - ~$40billion in total (June12 news reports)
-clean-up costs at least $20 billion +++
-huge costs will be recovered ONLY by huge lawsuits that will be 'well-defended' with huge fees on both sides, spread over a loooooooong time and the outcome of any such suit is just as unknown as clean up costs
-USA will have to pay-first (with borrowed money) and hope to recover damages in the future

So, instead:

1) Day 1 Have US Pres/Att Gen/somebody BIG talk super-litigiously on TV about "BP's shirked responsibilities"
or have them talk about "expropriating/freezing US-based assets" until "liability & $$ settlement arranged"

2) Day 2-3 This rhetoric drives down the share price of BP even further due to uncertainty over costs, liability, future lawsuits etc etc irrespective of the value of BP's assets and revenue apart from this one well. - Never mind the value of this deposit once the spill is contained.

3) Day 4-5 Have the USA buy at least 51% of the BP shares (the more the better) at drastically reduced prices.

4) Day 6 Announce the USA will absorb all costs and all responsibility for this well's spill and retain ownership of the underwater oil deposit as a separate sovereign assets

5) Day 7 Start re-selling the shares the USA just bought (sans the formidible and unknown Mex Gulf well & liability)

6) Day 9 Put $40-60 Billion cash in the bank

7) Day 10 Hire every USA unemployed worker &/or under-employed worker who has a tent/trailer/etc for temporary, fair-weather accomodation and every under-deployed Gulf-capable boat/ship for the 6 months to clean up the mess.

Use the cash generated by the 5 day hold of BP shares to fund the whole thing - starting next week!



NB 0.5% Royalties can be fwd to my personal account at the bank on the corner.

Robert Ede,
Founder - Community Sythesizers of the Greater Toronto Canton of Ontario (imag.)
Past President - Forensic Acuitants of Ont (r)


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