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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Initial Campaign Overview - with Links

Let this Election be forever known
as the beginning of
"The Great Peace of the Canadian Confederation"

Re-Confederating Canada - In Its Own Image

Calm & Sensible Revelations of Canada's Inner Workings
Fiscal, Parliamentary, Economic, Social & Political

The Tyanny of the 50%+1 Majority
The Tyranny of the 43%-Plurality, Majority Prime Monister's Office
The Tyranny of a 36%-Minority PMO

U.C.L - United Canadian Loyalist
an honourary designation for "ordinary Canadians"

Good Morning,

I figure this is as good an opportunity as ever to run an 'un-campaign'. A campaign like the one most-every, Armchair Prime Minister has wanted to mount and expressly the one I've been preparing to conduct since the 1992 Charlottetown Referendum.

Independent of party.
Independent in thought.

Dedicated to honour & truth.
Dedicated to improving Canada for all Canadians.

Running to represent the middle class (irrespective of where they're from - just if they're part of the 40-100K Family Income 'Group'), that's ignored as an 'interest group' yet pays the freight for just about everything.
Running to BE an unencumbered member of the House of Commons and to advance policies to emancipate that Chamber from Party Discipline.

Running to start people talking about controlling the all-too-powerful P.M.Office by:-re-defining 'The Crown' as the citizens of Canada collectively,
-re-attributing ownership of 'The Crown's' Assets and Treasury as property of the citizens of Canada,
-re-establishing the Governor General as Chief Executive (elect Him/Her if you wish),
-re-instating the Privy Council (and its Committees) as the GovGen's independent advisors,
-re-instating the Comptroller General as pre-spending gatekeeper of the Treasury,
-re-instating the Senate to its rightful place by explaining the Property & Net-Worth Qualifications (and adjusting the $4,000 dollar-amount for inflation),
-re-instating the Commons as House of Assembly for ALL points of view, not just party-line "read-into-the record" speeches. Why don't we have 66 2/3% as the threshold for agreement in the Houses of Parliament?

The Commons belongs to all Canadians and every point of view should be expressed there.
The Government system of Canada belongs to Canadians, not the Political Parties.

Elections are about ideas/individuals and enabling voters to find an individual who thinks/lives/is most-similar to themselves.
Elections are not staged contests with over-their-head, local-favourites with "name-recognition" mouthing banalities generated by the Party Platform consultant.

By Elections normally are considered a referendum on the incumbent government.
This By Election, because of its timing, will be the focus of the entire country's political attention (the Bloc has a lock on Repentigny) - all the majors will be fielding their best and concentrating all their resources here because this contest will be a referendum on all the Parties - their Leaders, their platform policies, their baggage and their future-to-govern.
This By Election will get pretty-darn interesting once the Ontario municipal elections are over.

Many issues will be in play beyond the 'democratic deficit' ones above.
Most notably will be the re-consideration of the re-definition of Marriage - I want in on that discussion (see "HomoSex Marriage Act Saves Canada or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Constitution .")

What about Healthcare? Why is it not a national program? Provinces are only Constitutionally-empowered to look after Hospitals & Charitable institutions ( s.92-7), nothing at all like our current pay-as-you-go all-inclusive "Group Health Insurance" N.B. it's consuming their Budgets (see B.C. chart pdf Pg.15).
Make Healthcare National -the bigger the group, the greater the 'risk' is spread, the lower the cost (personal income taxes fund healthcare) for contributors. And take it OFF the Budget, like CPP.

What about a discussion on the functional imbalance between our blatantly-un-equal provinces? Is PEI in any way equal to Quebec?, is B.C. in any way equal to Saskatchewan? is Ontario equal to Alberta? - Nope, only in the minds of the my little kingdom Premiers!

If 80% of Canadians live in cities, and 50% of us live in the biggest three, why are Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (plus as many others who see the advantage) not transforming themselves into provinces (to better administer private and local matters and free the non-big city areas of the rules & regulation necessary for dense urban populations).

In an election, Canadians have their best/only opportunity to shape their government.
This is a by-election for a seat in a minority House where EVERY member's vote counts EVERY time.
An independent MP's vote will be important on every vote - who needs another Party-disciplined Backbencher as their representative?

Canada! Voters! Stop the Insanity! (i.e. expecting diffferent results from the same old actions)
The NDP and 1993 Reform Party used to say "Liberal, Tory ... same old story" - what's so different today? The Rt Hon S. Harper has PMO fever, the Ottawa disease, "Power at any Cost".
This By Election can be a signal that "You won't get fooled again" and "You're mad-with-a-reason, and not going to take it any more". This By Election can be a pivotal moment in the history of Canadian elections - demand explanations not slogans. Don't make up your mind until you have gathered all the facts and considered all the options.

In this election I grant every Canadian (and most particularly the voters in London North Centre) "Permission to Think".
Permission to think about how Canada should/could be and ponder how it fell into its current state. I also grant every Canadian permission to forgive themselves for not 'standing on guard'.
Heck. I know you were busy, kids, job, school, bills and I know you had been counting on your elected representatives to do their jobs and do the right thing, and do it right, the first time. Sadly, they let you down and counted on your benign neglect to let them get away with it.

"I know something is wrong with the way things are going in Canada, but I just can't put my finger on exactly what it is" - Carol/Jean Canuck, an average, not-notable Canadian.

All Hail the Dominion of Canada - but first consider-
How Shall We Live?
Who Will Decide?
How did we get in this mess?
Whose Dominion is it? or, Who 'owns' The Crown in Canada?

"There is no shame in turning back, when you discover you're on the wrong path" RCE


Kim Campbell was misquoted by a reporter to say "an election campaign is no time to discuss serious issues". NB.Her actual phrase was more like "During the election campaign ...discussing a complete overhaul of Canada's social policies in all their complexities cannot be done in just 47 days"

Well, I'm going to do it anyway!!

"The Future of Canada belongs to those who will build it" (P.E.Trudeau)
The Future begins now.
Are you a builder?

Robert Ede
25 Dersingham Cres
Thornhill ON
L3T 4P5
Toronto 416-819-7333
London 519-282-8303

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Personal request to all Canadians outside the London North Centre riding
I plan to hold small/medium/large meetings in homes, restaurants, anywhere - I need to spread the word about my campaign (til the media picks it up) and as always financial support can be put to good use

- can you arrange a meeting with your circle of associates?
- arrange a gathering in London North Centre?
- can you furnish me with contact info for someone you know in London North Centre, who might be an ally?

Tax-Receipts for Contributions available soon -
Please make cheques payable to "Keum Ra Strachan, official agent"


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