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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Drone as GG = Dictator as PM

To: Governor General; Paul E.P. Martin Jr P.C. M.P.
Cc: nationalpost; John Aimers

Dear Editor,

Canadians wonder why a majority Prime Minister acts like a dictator - here's why.

Following the Wm L Mackenzie King tradition, the Rt Hon Paul Martin has chosen another 'drone' to be his own supervisor. Purposely chosen a person who would 'dare-not-defy-the-PM' to be a double-check on his own actions.

I mean no personal disrespect to Ms Jean or any of the post-1952 'Canadian' appointees, but which one of the recent office holders had the personal gumption PLUS the consent-of-the-governed mandate to actually stand up to the Prime Minister-of-the-day, a la Lord Byng?

Does no Canadian understand the hierarchy of authority in Canada? Have we stopped using the BNA Act of 1867?

The Governor General's office was devised to be the more powerful of two, purposely-placed, local double-checks on a Canadian Prime Minister ('power corrupts' ...etc). The GG is constitutionally empowered to say NO to a PM who has 'legally' done/ passed/ requested something that is not in the best interest of Canada.

It's a unique position, the GG cannot INITIATE legislation, but s/he holds an absolute veto (s.55-57 BNA 1867) AS AN INDIVIDUAL (s12,13) on EVERY act of the Federal government.

These powers,placed in the hands of the Governor General in 1867 and re-stated in the Letters Patent of 1947, were entrenched TO BE USED at the appropriate moment by one person with unquestioned authority.

Selection of the Governor General IS a big deal - the biggest in Canada.

The discussion among Canadians should be about whether we are fully aware of the powers that the Office of Governor General possesses and whether we wholeheartedly consent to give the Prime Minister-of-the-day the sole authority to propose a person for the post.

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