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Monday, December 26, 2005

3 Wise Men ponder inter-generational ramifications of letting Supreme Court run Canadian Society

Dear Toronto Star Editor,
Re:Leaders' time to be jolly - Dec 24/05 A4, by Susan Delacourt

I was struck by the similarity in the 3 Leaders' answers (below) to the "if you'd never been born" question - each one mentioned the surety that their own beloved children would not exist.

I hope these three, "wise men" (and all Canadians) will similarly ponder "What if YOUR parents,grand-parents and great-grandparents had grown up in the 'same-sex-is-the-same-as-opposite-sex' world that we seem to be willing to bequeath to OUR children?"

Yours truly,


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-Legal Backgrounder -posted on Dec 16/05
-Executive Summary -psted on Dec 20/05

Excepts from Toronto Star - Leaders' time to be jolly- Dec 24/05 A4, by Susan Delacourt

"In the movie It's a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart gets to see what the world would have looked like if he'd never been born. What would Canada/your world look like if you were never born?
MARTIN: There would be three fewer Martin boys....
HARPER: If I had never been born ...most importantly — for me — my children Ben and Rachel wouldn't be here.
LAYTON: (The world) wouldn't have my children in it, which is the most important thing. ..."

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