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Thursday, March 18, 2010

If (canadian governance) isn't functioning properly, are there reforms that could improve it?

Dear J,

Through you to Sandra Finley (& Judy Rebick, I guess too)

What a wonderful & timely conference mentioned by Ms Finley in the DD - March 20 at U of Saskatoon-- I only wish it was in the GTA.

snippet from promo letter in DD
...many of us have realized that the knowledge of many Canadians is lacking in the principles and details of how our democracy works. What is a prorogation? Why does a representative of the Queen of England have a say over our parliament? Can several political parties form a coalition government? Does our Prime Minister have the same powers as the President of the United States? What is the Senate and why are it's members not elected? Many Canadians have also been asking themselves, with all of the inter-party conflict recently, if our democracy is broken. If it isn't functioning properly, are there reforms that could improve it? These questions and many others will be addressed at this public discussion with University of Saskatchewan Political Studies professors Anna Hunter, David McGrane and Loleen Berdahl.

If it was in the GTA, I'd attend and ask "what's the difference between a "Democracy" and a "Constitutional Monarchy"?

Once the def'n was clear, I'd ask "in a "democracy" does sovereignty/authority-to-legislate flow from the bottom-up, or top-down?

Once that was clear, I'd ask - " if in Canada power flows top-down and officially we are characterized as a Constitutional Monarchy ... why are we constantly talking about democracy?

and "if Canada is NOT officially a democracy and if, sovereignty/authority in Canada does not flow bottom-up... what is the source of the "democracy" of which this meeting speaks?

If the taxpaying&resident citizens are not the official source of sovereignty .... who is?

Whose Dominion is Canada?

The Monarch of Canada's?
The Governor General's?
The Prime Minister's & Premiers'?
The Parliament's?
The Civil Service's?

Who/what are all our officials swearing and Oath to upon taking office?

Who/what is "the Crown" we hear about all the time?

Who/what is/are the Stewards of the Crown's Assets and Treasury in Canada?

If the Stewards of the Crown are sworn to accountability to the Crown .... but nobody/no office actually wields the power/authority of the Crown .... then who holds the Stewards accountability when they screw up? how?

If the Stewards are accountable to a Crown that is not supervising their work ... what are elections for? bread & circuses?

And then I'd sit down.

I might be tempted to ask my seatmate what the difference between "Democracy" & "Social Democracy" was/is, though.

I might start reading the BNA/Constitution Acts again too - since that's the 'rule book' everybody will eventually have to manage-back to. And maybe some of the 1867 Act's background docs too

Allow me to place before you, the pieces of the puzzle that I've so far discovered. The idea being that you just might reach some of the same conclusions.

There is no shame in turning back when you discover you are on the wrong path. -rce

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