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Monday, February 06, 2012

Religious Tolerance and Constitutional Intolerance

Perhaps "Religious Tolerance" needs redefining or a restoration.
Is it me? or did religious tolerance formerly have mutual & reciprocal aspect to it --- i.e. I will tolerate your religion based on the firm understanding that you'll tolerate mine.
Perhaps it was easier (in Western Society particularly) when all we had to do was tolerate differences within a Judeo-Christian spectrum - even if the foundational "Judeos" often had the least tolerance extended towards them AND they were expected to "take it" due to sheer majority/minority numbers.
It seems that now that Humanism or Secularism or Anybody-BUT-God-ism is the "state religion", everyone's drunk the Kool-Aid of post-modernist "tolerance" and now we have a hard time standing up for what we believe in (because of the avalanche of criticism/opposition it will draw from the Secularist hordes).
At the same time, the Secularists aren't standing for ANYTHING 'the way it usta be' because they don't believe in ANYTHING.
Harumpf ... maybe that means the Secularists ARE standing up for what they believe in, and just NOT 'tolerating' anybody else's belief system.
But maybe it's just me.
I discovered this Arthur Schopenhauer quote a few weeks ago and now append it to most of my emails "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Which stage are YOU at?
Happy 60th year of Ascension Elizabeth Rex II  - HRH Coronation was on June 2/53 (day after my birth)
Which reminds me, on this day of Constitutional-Monarchy remembrance ...
Who/what is "standing on guard for" you?
Who/what Canadian traditional institution of governance is keeping it's eye out for YOUR best interests?
What/what Canadian traditional institution of governance is watching that the Stewards of the Assets and Treasury of the Crown-in-Right of Canada aren't feathering their own nests, squandering the plenty and handing out fat morsels to their friends?
Who/what IS the Crown-in-Right these days (post-patriation of 1982, I mean)?
Who/what is the Boss ... the entity or Office to which all our Stewards of the Cdn Crown's interests "swear allegiance"?
Is it HRH Elizabeth? .... doesn't look like she's being asked to make many decisions in the UK ... nevermind in Canada.
Is the the Governor General? ... if the holder of that Office every defied the PMO/PCO cabal ...it'd be a cold day in hades ... AND the public likely wouldn't support such a veto .... even if the wholly Constitution sanctions such action (and it does).
Is the collective wisdom and power of the Upper and/or Lower Houses of the Legislative power our Boss? are these folks the source of Authority and repository of our Sovereignty?
Is the Prime Minister the Boss? with (on occasion) as few as 50%+1 of the Commons seats, elected by 37-41% of the voters?
Surely that's not how 'twas INTENDED to be, nor surely not what we WANT it to be?
What if the 50%+1 Boss does something dumb? or brazenly self-serving?
Surely our system allows a check on that use/abuse of power?
Surely, if the Constitutional 'Boss' is not acting as Boss, and the representative of the Constitutional 'Boss' is doing nothing (and dares do only that) and the Upper House of Property-Owners is so discredited that THEY TOO dare do nothing ...then somebody WILL fill the power-vacuum .... but is that what you want?
An anti-Constitutional usurper running the whole country with no hope of countermanding his/her wishes?
How long can you tolerate this state-of-affairs?
Not your problem?  Ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defence.
Yes it IS your problem .... and the solution is easy ... stop tolerating law-breaking of the highest order of law at the highest levels of Canadian governance.
Stop tolerating wrong-doing ... that's all you have to do.
Stop tolerating the mis-management of Canada by the very "Stewards" entrusted to take care of the greatest common good of the governed.
Stop tolerating biased/partisan reporting in the press and electronic media.
Stop tolerating lies,
Stop tolerating mischief, monkey-business, non-accountability, non-responsibility as "part of" government.
Start thinking of Canada as "your" country and the existing stewards as being "your" employees who've had a great time at 'play while the cat's away'.
Stand up and claim Canada Sovereignty FOR Canadian Citizens and you won't have to tolerate the complacent subservience-to-government that we've been lulled into accepting much longer.
Demand an accounting. Expect honest answers. Enjoy YOUR sovereignty.  It's yours to discover. It's yours for taking.
a la prochaine
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)
Which stage are YOU at?

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