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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parliamentary Budget Officer vs Comptroller General

Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 4:13 PM
To: cmunster@hilltimes.com

Published HillTimes Feb 23/09

Dear Ms Munster & Editors,

re:Parliamentary budget officer should be reined in, say Liberal and Tory MPs which I saw on the Daily Digest

Your coverage of Dr Bennett's objections about committee protocol is no doubt accurate and fair.

What the good Dr (and the other MP's who want "a proper job of independently keeping an eye on the country's finances") and all Canadians should be pushing for is a return of the Office of Comptroller General.

The idea of this office was as a "before the fact" Auditor General - someone to supervise planned spending and ensure pragmatic, provident & prudent policies were applied to EVERY expenditure in EVERY department PRIOR to the money being allocated (never mind spent).

A review of the pre-Glassco ("let the managers manage") Commission structure of governance would be helpful for all of us to see how far we have allowed our administrators to vary from the "old days".

Let's face it since 1970's when the impact of the 1962 recommendations of Glassco kicked into gear, things have really gotten out of control.

See Statscan Chart

Could the change of administrative philosophy have anything to do with it?


Treasury Board's website gives some bureaucratic history that few Canadians recall -
see links
History of Comptroller General -- Treasury Board Website

More History - scroll to Part II - Early History/ 1960's Glassco etc--

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