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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whatever is Taxed ....disappears -- Chasing "the Rich" out of USA & its cities (who's left)

Why Property Taxes Will Soar, Why the risk
of civil unrest is rising exponentially & Why
we will see The rise of a third political party

Why property taxes will soar (second half of 8pages)

Why civil unrest ... rise of third party in USA politics (first half)

Martin Armstrong  July 10/2012

FMOC - ...more action ...if ...inflation seemed likely to fall “persistently” below their goal

Excerpt from Bloomberg
By Joshua Zumbrun and Craig Torres - Jul 12, 2012 12:00 AM ET

A few members of the Federal Open Market Committee said the Fed should ease policy to move the economy toward its targets for full employment and stable prices, according to minutes of the June 19-20 meeting released yesterday in Washington. Several others said more action could be warranted if growth slows, risks intensified or inflation seemed likely to fall “persistently” below their goal.

whole article

My comment -

What? I thought keeping inflation 'low' was one of the objectives sought - esp in last two rounds of "breaking the back of inflation 1980-1982 & 1989-1995"

Now, inflation is our friend?

Is not a "little bit of inflation" ...  like "a little bit pregnant"?

Beware the central bankers and their lackies (gov't borrowers w biggest indebtedness)
See Martin Armstrong - various commentaries on his blog - www. ...... .org
here's just one ---start on page 16 -- Barclays Bank backgrounder
 Banking Manipulations -a systemic problem

Await the change in official inflation policy "while the situation seems contained, we expect to prevent further deterioation in 'the rate of GDP growth' by relaxing our target of inflation from a range of 1-3% to a range between 2-4%

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