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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to the 1980's or mid 60's or 1957

Welcome to the 1980's.

P.E.Trudeau's cute opening line brought down the house ... whose memorable witticism will raise the roof Jan 23rd?
.... Welcome to the mid-60's? when the Liberals just could not make majority?
... Welcome to 1957 when Dief got in as minority?

I'm personally glad that the non-confidence motion succeeded and this campaign to find the 308 MP's we "least mistrust" (to quote the TorStar editorial of Sat past) has begun.

But first may I wish a pox on All the Party Houses and their embedded-reporter pundits and in-house media-gurus.

None the less, I do love elections - it'll give us something current to talk about at Christmas and New Years.

Yesterday, Warren (Jean speaks) Kinsella thought the Martin-Liberals were worn out and needed to be defeated to allow rejuvenation. Today he second-guesses himself. I guess the "contra-strategy" was too keenly shrewd and instead of 'convincing' Canadians to give the Libs one more chance, it spoke too clearly the truth about their paucity of ideas, integrity, energy -heck everything except incumbency.

The Rt Hon. P. Martin JUNIOR himself IS an empty shell (his jowly stage presence reminds me more and more of Diefenbaker), perhaps his new "White Book" (the Queen's Printer produced "A Plan for Growth and Prosperity) will enthuse the voters to all-of-a-sudden want to spend their own money on somebody else's special interest project in somebody else's region of Canada, but I doubt it.

NB. whatever happened to that Nicholson guy who created the Grey & Purple books that saved Martin's asp (sp) in Finance (he dithered there too for the first year - as Chr├ętien knew & planned and was confounded)

Dear old Harp-ster, every Provincialist's, favourite, nice-looking, new-guy fronting for the Oil & Gas interests brought up the HomoSex thing right off the bat - good for him and good for civil society outside the Queer barrios of our major cities.

But Stevie, hit the faulty legal underpinnings (McMurty's Ontario Appeals' ridiculous, albeit beautifully-crafted decision to NOT defer to Parliament is the root), stand by Good Laws and Justice - tell'em you cannot bear to let this badly-precedented law stand.
(Yes lefties and humanist-rights-ers the Supreme Court said it was too late, but read their reasons for NOT answering Question 4 and their particular pleasure in stating that ~IF this had been a real case and not a reference we might have acted differently~)

Jack (I don't need no unions- I got permanent financing from Elections Canada) Layton is handsome and witty. He'll say anything that makes him look good. He'll be good for a chuckle or two on the plane and in the OpEd columns.

Mr Duceppe (our nation is better than your nation, provided we don't have to actually DO it) is handsome and witty. Humpf ... perhaps all syndicalist media-puppet opportunists are all the same.

The Greens will steal some votes and maybe a riding or two where they run a "good" suitable-as-MP and-not-a-one-issue-zealot (NB look at their nominated Candidates roster - hmmm that permanent financing sure DOES work)

My position is simple ... too simple for most unfortunately.
1)The Parties and their machines have destroyed the House of Commons as a place for debate
2)The Parties have usurped the Power of the Senate for use in the House by the PMO
3)The holders of the office of Prime Minister have continued to use Wm L MacKenzie King's deft non-Constitutional manoeuvre to takeover the Treasury Board and usurp the Governor General powers and independent advisory staff (the Privy Council)

Two choices are available and it's pointless to talk about Canadian governance until one or the other is implemented;
a) educate the Canadian people to how their Constitutional entrenched rules of government have been turned totally upside down AND then put it back as written;
b) raise the "majority" to 66.67% to pass a bill in the House of Commons.(Keep everything else the same upside-down)

Soon enough (and before either a or b is instituted) you'll have to vote. Go and VOTE.

But don't vote for a candidate based on party - vote based on the merits of the individual person in your riding.

Do some research, go to an all-candidates meeting or two ... find the candidate that thinks and lives the most like you and send THAT person to Ottawa to represent YOU.

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