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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Re-habilitate Section 33 - Notwithstanding what the (l)iberals say to the contrary about "democracy" in a Constitutional Monarchy (for heaven's sake)

Notwithstanding polygamy
Calgary Herald Editorial
Published: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Ed,

I wish somebody would use the 'perfectly-good' Section 33 aka the "Notwithstanding clause" ... just to prove to Canadians that it is a valid provision of the 1982 amendments to our foundational governance laws.

The Civil Marriages Act would have been an apt example, but the pol's-of-the-day were too intimidated by (or in league with) the "politically correct" crowd to act in a "correct politically" way.

If the "leaders" of that day had done so .... this polygamous marriage/religious discrimination case wouldn't have a leg to stand on AND the Notwithstanding clause would be fully available if the religious freedom argument somehow was "successful" with the Supreme(ly Politically Correct) Court.

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