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Thursday, January 29, 2009

$72.8Bns added Debt since Mar31/08 -Budget needs Free Vote

Dear blithely trusting Canadian,

Don't worry about the Budget ... be happy ... the gov't is taking care of you.

The (blowhard amended) 2009-10 Budget (written to placate the pink/red side of the House) forecasts to add only a few Billion per month in worth-while boondoogles (things the public thinks are good, regardless of whether that impression is true/ possible/likely or totally wrong)
RIP fiscal Tories - Harper budget plunges Canada into record debt By Tom Brodbeck

Check the Fiscal Monitor .pdf Pg 8, Table 6
- check 3rd column "Change" in "Total interest-bearing debt" line item ---- it's $72,832 ..... additional debt (mainly T-bills ... the most volitile type of borrowing ... but enjoying lots of fees payable to brokers)
(PS today, the pdf has a typo (54,696 s/r 654,696 on the Nov 30/08 total on that line, I called them and they'll fix it) but it's correct here)

And that's just from Apr1/08 to Nov 30/08 .... 8 mths -only 2.5 of which were in "bust" phase... so who knows what it is now ... almost another 2 mnths of "bust"

WE need much more careful scrutiny of this Budget than 3 after-the-fact semi-official reports with no built-in penalties or remendies for failure.

We need everyone who approves this horrible bit of Pelozi-pap drizzled with LSE-gene-modified maple syrup ... to be accountable for that action.

We need every elected MP to vote THEIR CONSCIENCE on this budget and be responsible for their vote.No hiding behind party discipline

We need a FREE VOTE on this Budget.

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