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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vanishing Aboriginal People? Whose Wealth is it?

Dear TorStar,

Mr Roger Gibbins contribution "Oil fuels Alberta Separatists" to your Canada in 2020 series is an artfully simplified, tail-wags-the-dog story that mixes an accurate warning about the foolishness of the Liberal's Clarity Act with the warmed-up 'old beans' of western resentment towards Trudeau's Nation Energy Policy.

Sadly, after blissfully gliding over the details of how Alberta brought "the pace of development ... within the carrying capacity of the physical environment", how the "western provinces collaborated to strengthen transportation linkages (with) the Asia Pacific economies", or how the fiscal plenty of $110-to-$200/bbl oil affected personal and corporate income taxes in Alberta (and her sister provinces within the Dominion), he totally neglects to include a reference to how the future's oil and gas-fired plutocrats handled the claims, treaties, rights, needs and wants of the Aboriginal peoples.

The wealth of Canada's God-Given, Man-found, natural resources needs a broader vision AND deserves better stewardship than displayed by those who agree with the "very small smattering" depicted in Mr Gibbins' essay who are only able to "taste, see, touch and breathe" self-interest.

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