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Friday, January 27, 2006

If PEI is a province, why cannot the GTA be one?

Provincialism or Parochialism

We are entering a new 'provincialist' phase within our Confederation.

Mr Harper could/would take Canada a step beyond 'asymmetry', to a place verging on parochialism.

No one in a pre-Leduc Alberta would never have been as '2nd-son cocky' as some of our western brothers are now, but instead of fighting reality, let's embrace the enthusiasm that this opportunity presents and obtain for ourselves the very self-governing autonomy that they are recommending.

Exactly what constitutes a province? what defines one?
-lines of longitude and latitude?
-similarity of lifestyle?
-ancestral origins or present-day realities?
-the ability to self-finance a healthcare regime?
-a balance sheet and operating statement that have a surplus to "share" with smaller siblings?

Given that Greater Toronto, and downtown Montreal & Vancouver have "charted" their own course electorally;

Given the reality of today's "Two Solititudes" (those living on 'well & septic' vs 'everyone else');

And Given the probability that the Big 'R'/Conservatives (pls don't call them Tories) will indeed listen to the 'needs' of Quebec & Alberta, self-centred-autonomy-wise;

Why not take up the govern-as-locally-as-practical (subsidiarity)principle?

Why not create a new province that reflects the true political & socio-economic divisions of Canada?

If PEI can be a province, why cannot the GTA be one?

Not being from Montreal & /or Vancouver, I cannot suggest the same reform for them, but if they feel the same way ... so be it also.

GTA Boundaries - Watershed boundaries, height of land along Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine

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