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Sunday, May 28, 2006

...just two elections - what IS Harper up to? and who's letting HIM?

Some pundits and pollsters (who might be thought to know better) and some video-stained wretches from our shut-out Ottawa Press Union(who are too busy thinking about themselves, to REALLY think) opine that the Rt Hon S. Harper is trying to recreate the 'coalition of Mulroney' (that some might call 'the-masquerade-that-made-Canadians-think-twice-and-for-a-long-time-about-the-REAL-Pc's') and lamenting that that sorry(sorry we said we were something we were not) coalition only lasted two elections.

He is not.

Mr Harper holds true to the original blood and guts of Preston Manning's RE-Form Party -their slogan, The West (read Alberta) wants in! (OR ELSE).

Or else what?

Or else they pull a sovereignty-association gambit. Yes, like the syndicalists of the Parti Quebecois tried.

Did it work for Quebec? You bet! Will it work for Alberta? You bet, if you let it.

In addition to Quebec's traditional 1867 over-representation in the House of Commoners, and their very shrewd opt-out of National programs, but get paid to do something similar provincial programs 'game', the province of Quebec has done quite nicely since playing the 'Or Else' card.

Why, why, why would Alberta NOT follow a proven formula to fight "intrusion on its provincial territory/jurisdiction"?

Mr Harper is an Alberta emigrant, a born-again Albertan, a reformed-prostitute-turned-moralist Albertan, in other words a post-Leduc Albertan with a memory that stretches back to 5 minutes before the National Energy Program(NEP) and forgets (never knew) the prior history (we forgive Klein, the rube, but Harper's educated - He's doing on purpose!).

Mr Harper is a nice-looking, clear-speaking (in both languages) pragmatist (from the Jean Chretien school of tell'em what they want to hear) who HAS an objective and he WILL achieve it (if we don't OUT him beforehand).

Mr Harper is NOT a Canadian Nationalist, he is a Canadian PROVINCIALIST. He (and many others) think the Canadian provinces have the rights that the U.S. ofA.'s States enjoy.

Fact is Canadian provinces differ from American States - they were NEVER independent, sovereign states, NEVER voluntarily agreed to a union of equals, NEVER were anything but BIG counties -with boundaries decided by folks across the ocean who (really) didn't know what they were talking about when they arbitrarily established the lines of latitude and longitude that comprise so many of our current sociol-economic-political 'divisions'.

Mr Harper has a minority government - He IS NOT in charge of the country, its economy, its military, its monetary policy, its electoral system, its racing-in-the-streets policy ..... unless YOU let him be in charge.

He's talked quite a bit about the 5 essentials that (this time) squeaked him ahead of the Sponsorship-shrouded Liberal-Party-in tatters under Mr Dithers.


Mr Harper DOES NOT enjoy the support of a majority of Canadians at the last election and as a result DOES NOT enjoy the confidence of the House of Commons nor the Senate.

HOW CAN YOU LET HIM away with the 'same murder' (to your democratic rights) as you allow a majority Prime Minister?

Because he seems organized, 'with a plan in hand' and kind of a 'take charge guy'??

WHAT IS HIS PLAN? for 2007, 2008, 2009 if he thinks that's the 'best' time to have a pre-planned election?

This boy NEEDS some hard questions! HE's beat up the snotty/snooty Ottawa noodlers (so they're out of the game, in a snit), he's got lots of local-yokels who will be "just darn proud" to put HIS spin/stories out while HE's in town.

ASK THIS EMIGRANT ALBERTAN what HIS 3-5-10-15-25 years spreadsheets indicate for immigration, revenue, programs, transfers to persons, transfers to other orders of gov't, defense, public debt charges, debt retirements ... whatever interests YOU.

HE is in the precarious position and YOU and ME have let this pretender take over the THRONE!

Give HIM 2 elections and ... to partially-mis-quote the Greatest recent Pretender, the Rt Hon. M. Baloney (who apparently is not totally dis-interested in current events in Ottawa) "Give me twenty years and you won't recognize the place"

Keep Mr Stephen Minority on a tight leash .... or HE'll bite your leg off!

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