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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stack the Senate - but with fixed 'laddered' terms

Re: Harper to fill Senate vacancies before Christmas, Dec 11/08

Re: Stack the Senate Nov 26/2008

Re: Senate should vanish if it's not reformed: Harper Sept 11/07

Let the Rt Hon PM recommend the appointment of 18 new Senators - and feel good about it!!

Just insist that this bunch be appointed for "laddered" terms - perhaps 6 of the 18 terms will resign at the call of the next election and perhaps 4/yr would resign every year thereafter, until permanent Senators could be found - "qualified" not only by Mr Harper's personally-promised (a la fixed election dates?) selection process, but also "21st century" BNA/Constitution qualified as per ss 23 & 31(with the $4000 property & net-worth aspects seasonally-adjusted from 1867 to 2008 --that would be 60 -80 times the current $4000)

Perhaps after all the existing 'old way' Senators were compelled to meet the 'new' 2008 qualification standards (-it's the ONLY Dollar Value in Canada that has never been adjusted-for inflation), Canadians could see the Upper Chamber's original purpose ... to represent the propertied class ... equally from all regions.


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