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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nicola Tesla

Every scientist, biologist, space exploere, oceanographer, genome-fiddler, etc etc on government grants should be re-assigned to study the notes and experiments of Nicola Tesla (1856-1943).

This champion of A/C current (his plan for Niagara Falls won out over Edison's D/C idea) was so far ahead of his time that he died unrecognized but holding 100-3000 USA patents (you look it up)

He imagined the 'machine' in his mind and then wrote down the finished product.

He had an electric car (modified Buick or Stutz or something) going 70 mph in Buffalo NY in early 1900's - running on NO FUEL.

His whole idea was to tap into the "natural rhythm" of the earth and atmposphere" - creating energy from that - no cost, no pollution + transport it thru the air -no clutter.

His opponents said "If we cannot meter it, what good is it"

Thus electricity became a "product" instead of a Free Gift.

He is featured in the movie The Prestige as the 'mad professor' from in Colorado Springs (electrified the town using "......."-you look it up) --played in Movie by David Bowie.

Was Time mag man of the year in 1931, was buddies with Mark Twain.

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