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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hubris 2010 - Scientists create artificial life in laboratory - Times Online

Scientists create artificial life in laboratory - Times Online

After skimming this article (found on www.Bourque.com) ...

a) 'Synth' (remember the movie "Simone" with Al Pacino)

b) baby step - towards what? more funding?

c) how many of these small-and-maybe-significant-in many-years "discoveries" do we hear of each day/month/yr?

Why cannot all these "I can be God too" scientists (like this Craig Venter, genome-mapping chap), put aside their individual, very-important-to-themselves-but-of -distant-future-benefit-to-all-of-us tasks for a while and instead collaborate all-at-once & for-as-long-as-it-takes to find a "use" for spent Nuclear Power Plant fuel.

Surely that "waste" sitting in expensive-to-create and expensive-to-maintain underground or underwater warehousese can be recycled in some way to 1) produce energy/heat/electricity /etc, or 2) be re-used in the nuke plants, or refitted coal plants or 3) become non-radioactive thus removing the warehousing cost.

Stop giving government funding to any project other than ones that commit to spending a minimum 75% of their time (and that funding) on the Nuke-waste idea .... and who also agree to collaborate with all others doing likewise.

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