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Monday, May 02, 2011

"Who should I vote for Uncle Bob-o?" Electoral Primer & Research summary -ending w All-the-Talents

This started out as a note to my niece responding to her question " Who should I vote for Uncle Bob-o?"
you were cc'd
Dear E,
Just in case you're still undecided
these links are in reverse-time order
-start at the bottom, if you like
-top-most links are most current (considering a minority House of Commons) based on perhaps-accurate polls particularly Nanos of Apr 26/27 showing 14-18% undecided (fourth place across Canada, third in Quebec) ie not including "leaning" in the "decided" group. New Link Mon May 3 shows fewer undecided
eg - what if ..... the Ref/Cons get 40% of seats, NDP gets 26%, Libs get 24% and the rest, Bloc/Green/Ind. get 10%?
- IIn that case I'm suggesting an All-the-Talents Cabinet - Harper stays, but invites pro-rata the other parties into Cabinet.
NB the members of Cabinet NEED NOT be sworn as members of the PRIVY COUNCIL - look it up.
As greatest seat getter on Monday Harper continues as PM automatically
BUT does he have the confidence of the House ... on first or second vote?
Now that a "coalition" of sorts has been suggested by Mr H in 2004 (when Dithers was faltering) and by Dion/Layton/Duceppe+Rae in late Dec 2008, it's an option.  NDP + Libs with a bare 50% (I'm sure they could get an MP to two to cross the floor for the right price)
To forestall that .... Why doesn't Mr Harper just invite a few NDPers and a few Liberals into Cabinet on May 3-4-5?
It's called an All-The-Talents cabinet.
No deals about time or support for certain measures (a la Ontario Lib/Ndp Accord in 1984-5) and not like the recent UK coalition, but a real partnership - teamwork - letting all the voices be hear ..... one MP = 1 vote  ... they call it Representative Democracy
Once we're there .... it'll be time to talk about Re-Storation of the Executive Power (stripping it from the Legislative Power - ie re-dividing the PCO from the PMO) to its as-written place in the text of the (not being followed) BNA/Constitution Acts

Robert Ede,

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