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Saturday, April 30, 2011

All The Talents Cabinet -the solution to 'Hung Parliaments" & 50%+1 Majorities

An All the Talents Cabinet
-best solution for a "Hung" House of Commons
 & who says 50%+1 is enough support to totally deny/ overrule/ ignore the wishes of the "50% less 1"
66&2/3 sure no problem!
but 50%+1 is NOT enough for one person to control both the anti-constitutionally-combined PMO&PCO that exists now
NB not even 75% is enough for that!
The combined PMO&PCO is not the way the Executive/Legislative hierarchy of checks and balances was intended to function - see http://robertede.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-fix-canadian-governance-system.html
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8:25 AM on April 29, 2011

A 'hung' house of commons (particularly in perilous times) is best served by an "All-the-Talents" cabinet.
-Pro-rata representation in cabinet by seat count.
-Party Leader w greatest # of seats can be head of PMO (but NOT Head of PCO - see below)

This should have been the GG's suggestion in reaction to Mr Harper's request for dissolution in 2008 (tell him to team-up and complete the fixed-term timelimit), and/or the GG's reaction to Dec 2008 request for prorogation and/or the GG's reaction to the phoned-in (2nd annual?) prorogation request AND definitely the GG's response to the 2011 request for Dissolution (again Team-up and finish the 4yr cycle).

**If the GG had had the chutzpah to truly and fully act as the Monarch's representative and simply enforce the as-written text of the BNA/Constitution of our country, .........we'd not have had to endure all the silly, never-to-be-implemented promises (all based on the impossible-to-achieve Budget 2011 with its preposterous 5 yr plan of 40+% Rev increase with <10% Program increases - with of course a 33% increase in Public Debt Charges).

The exercise of that Office's Executive power, (fully-authorized by the highest law of the land), would have put all these trumped-up blowhards from the Legislative Power (who think the public can be fooled again and again by the same old hoopla & rah-rah) back in their intended-in-1867 place.

Let them fight all they want in the 'Children's Hour' of QP ( C.D. Howe's phrase) and bicker all day long in the Lower(lowest) House of assembly,
Let them pass all the bills and/or recommendations they wish ... but let the public's interest be protected by the ultimate check-and-balance and veto --an elected Vice Regal.

Just like is says on the BNA documents - the nomination for GG is for the Monarch's consideration .... let's elect the person to be recommended - no need to even change on piece of letterhead.

Let the legislative order (includes Senate) present their ideas to a newly-restored to relevance and superiority GG (elected at-large, every-other general election for term that starts 365 days the Return of the Writs)

RESCIND Order in Council P.C. 1940-1121 and restore the Privy Council to the Executive Power - accountable to the GG not the PM. This would require new letterhead but no const. amendment .... it's an order in council, not a law.

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