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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring Election - Fools Fooling the easily Fooled - Read the rulebook, before playing!!

Susan Delacourt TorStar -March 8/11

A government for all Conservatives

It's probably time to ask ourselves whether Canada is a mature democracy or not

Dear Susan,

Remember ...Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Democratic Element (the Lower House).

Canada is NOT a republic (where sovereignty flows from the populace) but rather here, sovereignty flows from the Crown -since 1982 solely embodied in HRH the Queen (i.e. in the UK's Canada Act 1982, the Commons & Lords withdrew from Canada's ultra-Executive, the Crown-in-Council)

In Canada, the Executive Power (headed by the Governor General with HIS/HER Privy Council as independent Advisors) is accountable to the Crown, not the people (check the Oath).

Our triparte "One Parliament" s.17/BNA is the Legislative Power (a hierarchy -Gov-Gen again, then Upper & then Lower House). The Legislative Power is also accountable to the Crown (check the OathS -the Senators have their own in Sched 5 of BNA 1867) NOT the people.

However, the Lowest order of power on this hierarchical food-chain of checks & balances, IS periodically required to fool-enough-of-the-people with Bread & Circuses (these days bribing a portion of them with somebody-else's money) at elections to obtain/hold their offices.

EVERY one of these offices are but "Stewards of the Crown's Assets, Treasury & Revenue", they are NOT SUPPOSED to be running the country on their own behalf and without independent supervision from the Privy Council, its committees and a fully-mandated GovGen who can veto (or reserve-for-higher-authority-signification -- nowadays, a referendum/plebiscite) any Bill.

The change occurred in 1940 when PM King usurped the Privy Council, by Order in Council, when in 1950 PM King succeed in lobbying to have "a Canadian (of the PM's selection) posted as GovGen and finally in the ?late-50's early-60's when the Office of Comptroller-General (advise BEFORE spending) was done away with.

The current ( Wn L M King designed) perversion of the as-written allows the "inmates to run the asylum" or  more 20th century-ish, allows "the Union Bosses to run the factory" .... but permitted the Rt Hon Mr King (when not at a seance) to hold a position "similar in principle" to his UK counterpart -but without Constitutional authority! (ed. note: Subsequent PM's esp our long-serving Libertine Friend 'enhanced' the situation ... can you spell self-aggrandizement?)

The plain fact that every Canadian "knows" this is shurely not true, attests to my assertion that the government is NOT following the as-written BNA/Constitution Acts .... as Ralph Klein said ~"If we have a Constitution, let's follow it"~

If the government of Canada is not following the BNA/Constitution:
a) what rules of engagement ARE they following?;
b) why should Canadians follow an UN-constitutional gov't's directive?


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