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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What has happened to debtors in all cases where a new currency has been launched to replace a current currency – is it a windfall for debtors or do they get hit hard ?

Martin Armstrong writes
in June 20/2012 Answering Your Questions Blog Entry

" It (Gold) will probably hit $5,000 by 2017 BEFORE the currency changes so (ed. note s/read ?but?) it is impossible to say even what that $5,000 means in purchasing power today. So will real estate, and of course shares, collectibles from coins & stamps to fine art & antiques. This is why people HOARD in a crisis. They instinctively see something is wrong. In Greece, leading into the elections, more than 1 billion euros were being withdrawn from ATMs each day. That was the hedge to hoard cash just in case!"

whole thing

USA & Canada Investors
Prepare for Price Inflation due to Currency Devaluation - Buy Tangible Assets

NB RE/MAX Ont/Altantic boss M. Polzler said "you can't live in a mutual fund" - it's still true .... and true of physical gold

2012 Rce --Knowing when to sell (and having another 'place to live' ready) is the trick ...

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