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Monday, February 02, 2009

Baird/Harper Going "Over the GovGen's Head" ... to Who?

"I think what we want to do is basically take a time out and go over the heads of the members of Parliament, go over the heads, frankly, of the Governor General, go right to the Canadian people," said Transport Minister John Baird.

Who's he attempting to over-each to?

If Canada were a Constitutional-Monarchy then I suppose that "superior" is the Monarch-in-person (since the Cabinet, Commons and Lords renounced their influence over Canada in 1982)

This quotable notable is a Member of the Privy Council-of-BONEHEADS currently holding office as one of the Stewards of the Crown - it's Assets, Treasury, Liabilities, Revenues & responsible the interests of the Crown's Canadian Subjects variously aka as Citizens, Stakeholders, Taypayers, Tax-FILERS(bigger #), Voters, GST Registrants etc etc

I just learned of this ridiculous statement.

- Jim Travers Jan 31/09

-Rick Mercer Blog & on-AirRant Jan 13/09

and in the article excerpted above by Tonda Maccharles & Bruce Campion-Smith Dec 05/08

Where was I?

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