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Monday, November 06, 2006

Money, Power and Simplicity - Robert Ede - Independent Candidate - London North Centre

Dear Supporting Friend,

I am on the ballot as an Independent Candidate in the Federal By-election in London North Centre to be held November 27, 2006.

My purpose is to prepare Voters for their 55 seconds of Power - the time they spend in the polling place every few years.

This is one of two By-elections set to fill vacancies in the House of Commons until the next election (many think it will be in Spring/Summer 2007). All the major Parties will be test-marketing their worthiness in the minds of Canadians in London, the most-perfect setting possible.

Most-perfect because London Canada is thought of as the city most truly representative of cross-Canada sentiments and values - many large firms run their market-trial programs here.

We have (and will probably have next time) a Minority-government Parliament - no party will be significantly raised up or no government will fall, based on the results of the by-elections. Further, in a minority Parliament, every MP's vote counts ... an independent member will have a significant role to play on every vote in the House.

In addition, and best of all, there will be no Leaders Tour, no Leaders Debate, no national advertising campaign (with the 308 local elections just riding the coattails) - these By-election will solely be about what the individual Candidates represent and how the Voters of London North Centre and Repentigny react to those people and ideas.

Whatever the outcome, the national media will communicate the results and the reasons to the rest of the country.

This Land is your Land
not 10+3+31 million solitudes, warring in the bosom of a single state

My campaign is a Combo-Platter - part Emancipation Proclamation, part Declaration of Independence, part "Emperor's New Clothes" and part "Everything you wanted to know about Canadian Governance & Administration, but were afraid to Ask".

My purpose is to introduce to discussion during this short electoral season, issues and controversies I call the Essence of the Dominion - foundational truths that are poorly understood, forgotten or never learned by average Canadians.

This campaign is NOT about me, (I'm not battling those trucks on Hwy. 401 for 200km each way, 3-4 times a week for my own good) it's about talking to Londoners as Canadians, about discussing Canada's fundamentals at election time and about adding to the national agenda, the 11 points I consider most important.

-My 11 point platform is available on my blog rather than as an attachment to help this note slip through your Anti-Virus and Spam filters.
-The platform also introduces two new concepts 1) The Great Peace of the Canadian Confederacy & 2) U.C.L -the United Canadian Loyalist honourary designation for 'ordinary' Canadians.
-(NB. an additional version with links to background writings and sources is also on the blog)

My mission is to gain support for a movement to Re-Confederate Canada in it's own image - using the existing text, nothing new.

Don't get me wrong - I think and believe that the as-written 1867 system of Confederation is ideal for Canada (it contains amazing fore-thought in pre-establishing remedies in anticipation of future events) ... our federal government is just not following those provisions.

I believe so strongly in the appropriateness of the BNA/Constitution of 1867 that I've begun a Plain-Language Version of the Canadian Constitution to make reading the document easier.

- Money, Power and Simplicity -
Understanding Canada's Government System
and then Doing Something to remedy its shortcomings

The London By-election, in the middle of a minority Parliament presents the perfect-storm of political-socio-economic conditions to begin a paradigm-shift in Canadian thinking and behaviour towards:
- The Crown & Trusteeship of the Crown's Assets and Treasury
- Citizenship and Sovereignty of Canada
- Public Service and Governance in Canada
- The Governor General
- The Prime Minister's Office
- The Commons & the Senate
- Provinces
- Public Property
- The BNA/Constitution (& condition-ridden Charter)
- Political Parties
- Elections
- Our Roles & Duties AS Citizens

By prompting a discussion on these fundamentals in an election period, I hold the hope and dream of sparking a realization (as did the 'little child' in the Emperor's New Clothes) that will lead to:
- an emancipation of the Canadian citizen
- empowerment of the Voter
- elevation of the status of Public Service and Public Servants (elected and employees) and
- re-establishment of the as-written Constitutional provisions regarding the Legislative Order (House of Commons and Senate), the Executive Order (Monarch, Governor General and Privy Council).

In short, to finish the Patriation-of-Sovereignty that was started by the 1982 Constitutional changes.

Essentially I'm asking 3 questions:
"Whose Dominion is Canada?"
"How shall we live?"
"Who will decide?"

Prior to asking Canadians to answer those questions, I'm offering my perspective on the 11 points and asking folks to walk a mile in my moccasins, to walk along a portion of the 14 years that I have been studying the Constitution (and foundational documents back to the British Proclamation of 1763), the Public Accounts, the Supreme Court's most pivotal decisions, the outpourings from Statscan, the Bank of Canada and the Finance departments of Ontario and Canada and then hoping Voters might reach some of the same conclusions about what's wrong, when & how it went wrong and some possible pathways to get out of the situation.

This campaign is intended to be a Calm & Sensible Revelation of the workings of Canada's Fiscal, Parliamentary and Political systems, an intensive Voter Education program in preparation for the 55 seconds, every few years, when each and every Canadian is in charge of the country.

55 Seconds of Power
Preparation for the 55 or so seconds of freedom and power available to Canadians when we are in the Polling place & casting our ballots. The 55 seconds when the politicos hold their breath and hope that their polling and vote-buying strategies were once again correct and that their lowest common-denominator advertising slogans penetrated.

I hope to open Londoner's minds and hearts to the possibility that the impossible to predict election outcome CAN occur in this by-election. But ... it will not be possible ... if voters do the same old thing, in the same old way and expect different results.

I hope these ideas and proposals will resonate with the average voter, the sophisticated voter and all the Armchair Prime Ministers who might once have thought "If I was in Ottawa, I'd tell it like it is, straighten out those ice-hole blowhards and bureaucrats in two sentences" ... but just never quite got around to doing anything about it.

Success and Victory
The campaign will be a success, if the 11 points (or 9 or 6 or 3 of the points) become an integral part of this by-election and are introduced to the nation-wide political discussion ... even if I am not elected.

I will declare partial victory every time a voter says to me "Really, I didn't know that" or "Thanks, nobody ever explained it to me like that".

Several of those epiphanies each day, along with a little they tell two friends, who then tell two friends ... and all things are possible.

Notwithstanding conventional political thinking, I CAN win this by-election because of the minority Parliament perfect storm socio-political conditions and because this type of information for the nation campaign has never been attempted and is sorely needed.

BUT since Canadians and Londoners do not know, what they do not know and because voting day is scant days away ... I will need some help.

To this end I'm hoping to find 281 local Champions:

1 Champion of a wireless workspace in London
1 Champion of temporary overnight accommodation
1 Champion of Database Management and Communications
1 Champion in Graphic Design and/or Printing
1 Champion in the London Media
1 Champion in the National Media
1 Champion 'Notable' from the Academic Community
1 Champion 'Notable' from the Local government Community
1 Champion of London's history, issues & trends

64 persons of influence to hold small gatherings and meetings (4 x 16 days)
150 Financial Champions to donate $100 or more (Tax Credit of 75% on First $400) (Cheques only, payable to Keum-Ra Strachan, official agent)
58 helper/canvasser Champions to deliver 1000 flyers, (but that's asking a lot)

Robert Ede
Independent Candidate
London North Centre By-election
November 27, 2006

c/o 25 Dersingham Cres
Thornhill ONL3T 4P5
Direct 416-819-7333
London 519-282-8303



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