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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Anti-Terrorist Act - Sunset Clause must stay

Dear TorStar Editors,

Re: Tories might revise legal definition of 'terrorist' June 13/06 Tonda MacCharles

Under no circumstances should the 'sunset clause' be removed from the Anti-Terrorist Act. This legislation was a quick reaction to September 11/01 and as such a super-overabundance of police powers were granted "just in case" a terrible threat existed, became apparent, or came to pass within Canada.

If needs be, utilize the War Measures Act for "apprehended insurrections", but in my view we do not need to make 'permanent' the Anti-Terrorist Act's infringments on civil liberties and thereby entrench in police mentality an everyday attitude of acceptance and 'normalcy' to these 'emergency situation' powers.

The 5 year review was part and parcel of the original Bill and must be renewed in any 2006 consideration of an extension to the original legislation.

Canadians must have an legislative opportunity to revisit these (temporary, emergency) measures in another five years - if they ARE necessary at that time, extend them again, if they are NOT deemed necessary, removing the onerous powers will be easy if not automatic.

We may possibly be under a subversive or Manchurian-Candidate-style attack, and were totally unprepared for such an eventuality because we never before dreamed it possible for any person, organization or power to WANT to harm dear ol' Canada -an ounce of prevention- but, as time will tell, we may NOT be subject to any such style of attack and the 'pound of cure' prescribed in the Anti-Terrorist Act may prove in the hind-sight of 5 years be too high a cost to impose on every Canadian, every day, in every way.

'Tis true ... the Price of Liberty IS eternal vigilance.

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