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Friday, November 28, 2008

Minority vs Coalition - a Canadian Political Showdown

I spotted Harper moves to avoid political showdown on http://www.bourque.com/
- Heck Chretien & Broadbent are even in on it!!

Now everyone can see why the BNA/Constitution1867 specified:

1) an Upper House to represent the propertied class as a balance within the Legislative Order , to the shenanigans of the fooled-more-of-the-people-than-anyone-else rabble in the Lower House, (why else does membership to the Senate alone, have net-worth and property-ownership qualifications/disqualifications and special -"I have not collusively or colourably obtained" oath of office?)


2) an independent, superior Executive Order (independent Governor General, with & without the Advice &/or Consent of His/Her own, independently-appointed Privy Council ) wielding an absolute veto (+ the Reserve Power),

AND further still

3) the power of Disallowance (2 yr retro-active veto) of any Canadian action by the Queen-with-Privy-Council.

I thank the too-smart-by-half backroomer in the (self-identified-as omniscient, omnipresent) PMO/PCO who suggested dumping the Quarterly Pay-Offs to Political Parties and thus set off the chain of events.

I thank the papers, pundits and video talking talking heads who have partially-educated the public on the options available to the Governor General when a Minority Cabinet-Government is defeated in the Lower House.

Now I pray that Canadians will seek out their country's foundational documents and read the "Rule Book" for themselves.

The price of Freedom IS informed vigilance by a non-sedentary electorate. God Bless the availability of information via the Internet!

Official Justice Dept Version

Plain Language Version

Intro. to Plain Language Version

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