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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Which Devil to pick? DaltonFedLib #1 or DaltonReform #2

Paul Martin's Views on Iraq (courtesy Warren Kinsella's blog)

December 13, 2005 -

..... Here again, as a public service, is the straight goods -

What Paul Martin Really Said About Iraq:

"I really think Canada should get over to Iraq as quickly as possible," (North Bay Nugget, April 30, 2003)

"Once the war in Iraq began, Canada was far from neutral. The only satisfactory outcome was a defeat of Saddam Hussein and his removal from power." (Speech in Toronto, April 30, 2003)

"Canada's strongest desire was for a swift and just victory by coalition forces. Thankfully, that occurred." (Paul Martin Times, May 1, 2003)

"I don't think there is any doubt, if there ever was . . . that he does have weapons of mass destruction. Biological weapons that they discovered were very clear evidence of not only the fact that he had them, but that he had lied and that he is continuing to lie." (Calgary Herald, March 7 2003)

"Canada's position was Saddam Hussein should be disarmed. Now, to be quite honest, I had a lot of difficulty understanding how he was going to be disarmed without being replaced." (Ottawa Citizen, April 28, 2003)

"The fact that now we know well that there is proliferation of nuclear weapons and that many of the weapons that Saddam Hussein had, for example, we do not know where they are, so that means the terrorists have access to all that." (Globe and Mail, May 11, 2004)

"Canada should be there." (Halifax Daily News, January 15, 2003)


Maybe we should have 'regime change' January 23rd style in Canada ..... but if we oust a nice man that we know to be a bit of a bumbler-in-over-his-head .... what do we get?

Mr Harper ... whose letter in the Washington Post (second letter on pg.) "clarifiying his positions", seems to show he is willing to declare himself boldly on BOTH sides of free trade, Iraq, Kyoto, HomoSex marriage and content to initiate nothing and support no change regarding abortion.

In my view both of these guys know it's their last 'kick at the can' - if Martin is in Minority or worse, he's gone. If Harper only gets Opposition, he's replaced too.

Both will say anything to fool enough of the people to gain that strategic 41.675% of the vote in those 20-30 or so swing ridings (many in Ontario) that you cannot believe anything either of them says.

ONTARIO VOTERS - remember how mad you were at DALTON McGINTY?

Dalton had-to-win that time too - or the back room poobahs in the LibOnt party would have booted him, just as they booted Lynn whatsername.

This time Ontario voters (likely) YOU WILL BE DECIDING FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY
- don't fall for empty promises ... again ... please. Don't vote AGAINST some bonehead for one bonehead reason, find a issue/person that you CAN vote FOR!

I know, I commiserate, it's a terribly difficult choice - Dalton #1 or Dalton #2.

Fortunately we have time .... time to investigate .... time to question .... time to see in person. Watch the debates. Go to a couple of All-Candidates. Read the web pages and blogs of the guys/gals supporting the party-you-oppose .... refresh your prespective ... fill your mind .... don't just stick with your pre-judged assessment.

Elections are the ONLY time Canada is a democracy - savour it!

The rest of the time it's a Constitutionally-limited Monarchy with YOUR choice for 50%+1 Majority-in-the-Commons-PM (with 35-40% of total votes) being given the unchecked powers of the House+the Senate+Privy Council+Treasury Board+ Governor General+ Monarch in one great-big, Deluxe ComboPlatter.

My views on how that mess got created and might be corrected are elsewhere (bottom of page "Whose Dominion...")

Regardless, that's how it is right now.

Your vote IS important, but your INFORMED votes is essential.

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