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Friday, December 23, 2005

Harper masquerades (a la Mulroney) to breach TorOntari-ari-ari-o Reform Firewall

Dear Ms Hebert, Torstar Editor,

Re: Harper puts progressive back into Conservative - Chantal Hebert, Torstar, Dec 23, 2005

Ms Hebert - normally so intuitive - missed the real analogy in the her own example. "The (Conservative Party) campaign should put to rest the notion that the merger of the right was little more than an Alliance takeover of the former Progressive Conservative party. In substance and in style, it bears more resemblance to Brian Mulroney's bid for power in 1984 than to any of the failed Reform/Alliance attempts of the '90s."

She might have noticed that just as B. Mulroney assembled a "Quebec Crew" of Pequistes, dressed them in Progressive Conservative face-paint and costumes for presentation to the non-French-speaking people of Canada, Harper masquerades as an open-to-debate moderate on 'soft social' issues, who bears 'goodies$' for all-comers, while espousing firm fiscal management (of a central governance system he wants to disassemble).

This election is Harper's 'last kick' to bring the oil&gas-fired, Alberta-cocky, provincial-rights Reform v.3.0 agenda (in gel caps for easy swallowing) through the firewall surrounding we're-the-ones-who-have-been-paying-support-since-Confederation, TorOntari-ari-ari-o.

Or, is she just laying it 'tween the lines?

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