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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bob Rae into a All-the-Talents Harper Cabinet

Dear Ed,

re: Ontario gets equalization payments.

Surely no one other than Bob Rae has more experience in dealing with Ontario during a rocky economic/fiscal/monetary time.

No doubt, he has spent innumerable hours pondering what he'd do differently if he could 'do over' 1990-1995.

I'd say, our twice-minority-in-spite-of no-real-opposition PM could do with some help in this critical period sincehe has not demonstrated a resonance with or from Ontario.

Canadians could benefit from a government formed with ALL the Talents in the assemblies (not just some) and perhaps this broader perspective would help spur the engine of Canada back from have-not status.

Tough times have bred similar solutions - the name comes from Grenville's 1806 English cabinet, Churchill had a WWII coalition and we've had the Grand Coalition (headed by MacDonald-Tache) leading to Confederation and a pre-war 1917 Union government with Laurier-Borden in 1917).

Failing Mr Harper's offer, the Liberals should give him a go as Leader, provided he runs as the Champion of 1) Canada's 3 biggest cities, 2) once-industrial central Canada (southern ON & PQ) and 3) taxpaying, resident citizens (all three or nothing) irrespective of where they reside.


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