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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hungary and Canada - reacting to "truths" about fiscal lies

Dear Globe & Mail,

The public uproar in Hungary, in reaction to their government's (?purposely?) leaked revelations about their own fiscal mendacity that was mentioned in Doug Saunder's article today, contrasts starkly with the Canadian public & media reaction to the Montreal Economic Institute's "scathing report card" on the "new" Quebec government's recent activities referred to in Konrad Yakabuski's column in the Business section (locked unfortunately).

Mr Yakabuski refers to the M. Lucien Bouchard-fronted Clear-eyed Vision/Quebec lucide report which outlined the perils facing Quebeckers who think their nanny-state can continue as it is (nevermind expand).

This "Lucidiste" report leaked the truth about past lies as fully as did the "extraordinary" and "shocking" taped speech by the Hungarian Prime Minister to his caucus - but caused no rioting and no large(or small)-scale protesting.

Similarly in Ontario, the "new" government's Toward 2025 that boldly predicted the non-sustainability of their own province's nanny-state created no waves, no ripples, no reaction and no action.

Perhaps a leak is indeed the best way for an administration to announce it has recognised a fault in its own operation or philosophy, attract attention to the problem and its solution, initiate media discussion and warm-up the public for the beginning of a drastic change.

There is no shame in turning back ... when you find yourself on the wrong path.

(Ed. see also Bribing us with our own Surpluses

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