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Friday, July 02, 2010

Unique Features about the Dominion of Canada

Re: Hébert: Why medicare - Dominion Day 2010
Robert Ede
Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 7:26 AM
To: chantal hebert , op-ed star , torstar lettertoed@thestar.ca

Mlle Hebert,

Your column (Hébert: Why medicare is a national icon) Torstar July 1/10 notes two things

A) The medicare/nanny state - people vote their wallet.
All our pay-as-you-go programs have been unsustainable since the end of the baby-boom - the aging population hopes their benefits (h/care, drugs, CPP etc) continue until they die. The Actuaries know better, they've advised the Asst-Deputy & Deputy-Ministers who've told the Ministers who dare not say anything .... they're waiting for their 15yrs to qualify for the Gold-Plated MP pension.

B) Best-Worst PMO Officeholder -The people of Quebec answer questions more estutely that the ROC-ers.
Ask a non-Quebecker a 'motherhood' question about Canada just before Dominion Day and they'll give you a sentiment-tinged answer based on the past. Ask a Quebec-resident, and they'll answer strategically -- with the next election in mind.

My List of Unique Features about the Dominion of Canada

1) Canada possesses an Abundance of Everything. i) Natural Resources -no matter how we squander them ... there's always more ie who suspected the Diamond Fields?) ii) Forgiveness - no matter how someone "poops on our parade" ... we excuse their buffoonery as nescience of 'the way we do things around here' and carry on hoping it doesn't happen again (at least not to me, personally)

2) Canadians possess an "ignorance-is-bliss" faith in the future coupled with a detached tolerance/intolerance towards their non-similar fellow-citizens. ie i)"Don't tell me all that worse-case financial/monetary stuff .. I'm OK and so are all my friends and family" ii) Don't bother me with "that" issue ... I pay taxes to have the gov't sort out that kind of thing"

3) Canadian Sovereignty is held "in trust" by a Benevolent Autocrat - no one "owns" the Crown of Canada, its Assets nor its Treasury. Canadian Sovereignty/Assets/Treasury were safeguarded from short-term political manipulation by the 1791/1867 "similar in principle" systems of Responsible Government/Confederation - an Executive Officer with an absolute veto (aided by a Property-owning Council) was placed above the Legislative fray - with the whole 'local' apparatus supervised by another veto-wielding Monarch-in-Privy Council over 'ome.

4) The King-Byng affair so enraged Wm L.M. King that his revenge-by-sleath over 20+ yrs turned our 'similar in principle" hierarchical system of checks and balances upside down .... sadly, so long ago that no one alive today seems to know the difference. Canadians are so accustomed to the Legislative order of "the government" handling things that no one perceives that the Executive order (the Crown & people's watchdog) has been subsumed and the inmates are running the asylum.



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