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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Restoring a "Century Home" called Canada

Restoring Canada

If we set out to restore a Century Home called Canada, would we spend all our planning time discussing the shingles and window-frame paint or would we first examine the footings, the integrity of the structure and (based on the new uses & needs of the new occupants) endeavour to preserve what's precious, conserve the parts that are perfectly good and adapt what's outmoded to current service?

Since 1965, Canada has been on the wrong path.

We trusted government to do the right thing - they didn't.

We trusted that they wouldn't overspend. They did.

We trusted they wouldn't promise what they couldn't deliver.

We were betrayed and our expectations dashed.

A call to every Canadian who was a voter in 1970 - are you better off now?

A call to every Canadian who is a voter in 2006 - do you want more of the same?

What kind of country do you want Canada to be 36 yrs hence?

Whose Dominion is it?

The Crown's?

The Governor General's?

The Prime Minister's?
The House of Commons'?

Or Yours?

11 points of foundational importance to re-building our Century Home, in its own image.

There is no shame in turning back, when you discover you are on the wrong path.

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